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My son’s continued study of 1966’s “Batman The Movie” has forced my analytical eye to study and dissect every line, beat and angle around 50 times. It’s also forced me to like the movie more than I did two months ago, which therefore forces me to justify why I like the movie as much as […]

Me Dream


I watched clips of Mick Jagger hosting SNL last night, and had the following incredible dream as a result: I was at the taping of the show, so naturally I was given full back stage access and the ability to hang around the right places at the right times. I kept bumping into Jagger and […]

Henry has had a couple days of Batman-fueled energy. He can’t stop talking about it, or like it, or quoting it. It’s like he’s reading my mind. It’s never easy understanding a toddler. Here now are his translations for Batman-related phrases. “Bat-nand” = Batman. “Wah-din” = Robin. “Bat Cabe” = Batmobile. It sounds like “Bat […]

I saw it and assembled (thank you) some feelings. We all have feelings, right? 1.) I liked it. But…

First, some qualifiers. For comparison purposes, I only included “proper” superhero movies. ones that felt like they were playing the same sport as The Avengers. This disqualified the artfully deconstructionist¬†Unbreakable as well as Indiana Jones, James Bond and the Bride from Kill Bill. Even though they filled most of the superhero qualifications, they’re not the […]

I went to the comic book store on Comic Book Day (aka Cinco de Mayo), and grabbed a couple books, both for money and for non-money. As always, I did the stroll down the line, checking out what’s new and what might possibly catch my eye. I flipped through a couple books, but didn’t vary […]

The 1984 comedy smash appeared on Netflix streaming, and like a good consumer, I watched it, and had some tenuously-related thoughts on the movie. If you don’t support these things, they’ll disappear, you know.¬†