Reason #560


I thinking of starting a Tumblr blog called “Boo Prequels.”

I thought of another reason why the Original Trilogy is superior to the Prequels: the goals of the OT are in sync with basic human goals, whereas the goals of the PT are not. 

In the “Empire,” Luke feels that his friends are in danger and leaves his training with Yoda to go save them, even though Yoda and Ben tell him not to. They want Luke to “sacrifice Han and Leia” for the good of their cause. Luke reacts like a regular human being (with heroic tendencies) and says, “I’m going to save my friends.” The same thing happens in “Jedi,” when Yoda tells Luke that he will become a Jedi when he confronts Vader, implying that Luke must kill his own father. Luke naturally protests and tries to find another way, and in the end, he finds a different way to defeat and “kill” Vader while simultaneously saving his father.

This is well known. But apparently the need for normal human (re: “primal”) reactions to situations was forgotten for the prequels, which tries to push the confusing Jedi dogma as “the good option.” If the Jedi law is to be believed, a Jedi is not to get too friendly with anyone. Completely going against human nature. We’re asked too cheer for Obi-Wan who presses Anakin to reject human nature and stay cold and unaffected. It’s no wonder this didn’t work.

Speaking of which, it does not work to create relatable characters and situations. The rooting interests of the prequels is really weird, especially when you consider that — deep down — fans of the series are actually cheering for the bad guy to become a bad guy, because that’s the ending we know is coming.

The point is a movie can only ask so much of an audience before that audience naturally rejects things. People will only work so much for entertainment.


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