Visiting the Set


This week, after nearly a year of work and copious notes and re-writes, filming began (and wrapped) on a webseries I wrote for Illumin8 Creative. They sold the series idea to a BLANKY BLANK which I cannot mention in detail, but that’s not the point.

The point is that it was a legit shoot, with lights, crew, catering, cast, PAID cast, a director, AD’s, grips, rented locations, helicopter shots and an RV. 

Since finishing the writing, I have been very removed from the process. Truth be told, it isn’t like it’s a ton of money or even my original idea. I was a writer for hire, so that’s what I did. I really put it to bed once they gave the “Go,” and I felt great about it. I’ve been part of many DIY productions that it’s nice to just be in charge of the story and characters, then turn them over to trained professionals with the hopes that they make it look pretty.

It wasn’t even that I had to be in charge of finding the people to make it look pretty. It was all Illumin8, and they worked tirelessly to find great people.

I popped in a couple times this week for two reasons: 1.) curiosity and 2.) proximity — they filmed 3 miles from my place. Even without a car on some days and even with Henry in toe, I could manage a couple pop ins.

I haven’t seen one bit of footage, and for once, I don’t mind. I trust these people, and they don’t need me being in the way. I suppose I could have been there every second of every day, offering punch-ups, but that would have only slowed things down. While it was a big production, they did have a very tight shooting schedule.

I could be COMPLETELY naive about this, but I think I played this the best way possible. It’s not my baby, it’s Robert’s at Illumin8. I’m not the director, I’m not acting in it, I’m not producing or editing or anything. I’m the writer. I wrote it. Past tense. My job was done. I gave them the blueprint to build the house. I understand and expect parts will change on the fly. That’s part of making things in the real world with real people. In fact, the only service I provided was settling an argument as to whether Val Kilmer or George Clooney were in the second 1990’s Batman movie. After suppressing an “Are you kidding me” look, I gave my expert advise, called it a job well done and had some strawberry cheesecake. Which was delicious.

More on this as stuff emerges. There’s talk of a cut being ready by next month and they want to deliver it to the BLANKY BLANK by June or July.


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