Self-Imposed Exile from “Exile”


And the like.

A couple months ago, two things happened to me. I read Keith Richards’ book, which drew me to explore the later-period Stones catalog, which drew me deeper into a complete Rolling Stones life consumption. That lead me to the second thing, which was that I took 2/3′s of my Stones collection out of my iPod. Up until that point, I’d been carrying around three basic playlists of Rolling Stones music, broken down by guitarists. There’s a Jones era, a Taylor era and a Wood era, and coming out of the book, I decided to allow myself only to listen to the music that had been recorded during my lifetime, i.e The Wood era.

I was much less a student of this era, even though previous posts had explained how I consider the later-period of this band to be “My Version” of the Stones. Said much more plainly that it appears I’m capable, I preferred the other two eras.

So, plainly again, I have gone two months with only the Wood-era stuff.

Sort of. There are only a few cheats, and some of them aren’t exactly my fault.

1.) Some earlier-era songs made it on the iPod through backdoor lists. For example, “Honky Tonk Women” is on the “Country” playlist. I know, it barely qualifies as country, but then again Little Richard’s on there, too, so there’s not a lot of logic in there.

2.) Many of the Wood-era albums I own are live albums, and if there’s one thing the Wood-era Stones are good for, it’s brining out the old hits again and again and again. So through no fault of my own, I still had copies of “Brown Sugar” and “Tumblin’ Dice” in there.

BUT THE REST OF THE TIME… it’s been a Stones diet. I’ve been eating my vegetables in a way. Vegetables that may have stayed in the fridge too long in some cases. But in other ways, I’ve discovered a lot to like.

Namely “Tattoo You,” an album I had dismissed years ago after picking it up out of obligation. It had “Start Me Up,” I found I really enjoyed “Tops,” and I respected “Waiting On A Friend.” I don’t know if I found solice in the album by virtue of my low-fat Stones diet, but I think the truth is that “Tattoo You” is better than I originally believed. Songs I had previously found annoying (“Neighbours”) I was now digging. Furthermore, “Worried About You” has found a real place in my heart. The whole album is like an alternate version of “Goats Head Soup” and nearly all the songs are just choruses. But there’s something about it that stays with me.

More specific late-period discoveries:

“Thief In The Night.”

Most of the Keith Richards songs.


“Far Away Eyes.”

“Sweethearts Together.”

Will I keep these songs on the iPod or trade them all out for a Jones or Taylor list? Such drama.


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