Sad Emotional Admissions


As I’ve probably said a million times already, I typically watch YouTube videos while rocking Henry to sleep for naps, and often times I’ll either watch a lot of one type of thing (old Siskel and Ebert reviews… I know…) or… I’ll watch chunks of a movie someone has heroically and insanely put up in 10 minute chunks online.

I’ve recently been watching the making-of-”Star Wars” documentary “Empire of Dreams,” and that’s not the saddest part.  The saddest part is that when I got to the point where they actually release the movie in May of 1977 — after all the trials and problems and “this isn’t working!”/”it’ll never work!” crap they go through — and the movie is loved upon release… I actually cried.

Not uncontrolably.  I had a baby in my lap.  But I welled up at least more than I’d admit if I weren’t hurting for a blog topic.

I don’t know exactly why I got so worked up, other than the fact that these movies are one of three non-familial things that hold great emotional power over me.  I don’t know if I’ll ever cry as a result of something related to the Rolling Stones, but it’s happened a little from Batman.  This crying doesn’t happen at EMOTIONAL points in stories, necessarily.  Rather I get worked up at the intellectual moments, like the one described above.  I know what happens and that the movie is a big success, but I’m getting worked up about knowing that already.  I still get a little misty at the end of “Star Wars” when Han Solo shows up to save Luke in the trench, not necessarily because the movie is so emotionally powerful (though you could make that case), but because I know how this effected me as a child, and how that has trickled through my entire life.

Ugh… So sad.  Me, not the other stuff.


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