Remarks on Paul McCartney’s “SNL” Performance


1.) Paul McCartney dies his hair. Either that, or HD cameras, lighting and standing next to someone with natural hair color doesn’t work for him.

2.) I know he’s, by all accounts, an old man — far older than the vibrant 30-something he was when he wrote “Band on the Run” — but the SNL engineers should have turned down Paul’s mic for the chorus of “Jet.” Yes, he can still shout “JET!” well, but those “Ooo-ooo-oo-OOO-ooo-ooo-OOO-ooo-oo…” parts were murder. I want to say it was like hearing a dog sing, but the truth is it was like hearing Brian Wilson sing “California Girls” on the Tonight Show about 10 years ago. That means it was embarrassing.

3.) I just thought of a good bit they should have done on SNL, and here it is: they should have had someone play Beatles Rock Band against Paul McCartney and beaten him.

4.) I once heard a story that a huge Beatles fan (which are really few and far between in this solar system) had the good fortune to meet Sir Paul and when they were left alone, McCartney told him (the fan) that there wasn’t a question he could ask that he hadn’t heard already. I accept that challenge:

-Are there any of your songs you wish you could re-record?

-Who is your cell phone service provider?

-How would you have wanted “Lost” to end?

-That salad bar pudding was the worst, wasn’t it? (only useful where there is crappy salad bar pudding available)

-Did you know that Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” still holds up after all these years?

5.) The lyrics to “Jet” make no sense whatsoever. At least not when they’re sung out loud, which is weird because being sung aloud is where most of the dumbest lyrics in rock sound their best. Maybe it’s the idea that this person is named Jet or that shouting “Jet!” is something that any normal human being does. The rest of the lyrics read OK, but the way they’re sung makes them sound like either a collection of random thoughts or baby talk.

“Ah, major (?) Want Jet to always love me.”

Huh? Maybe I’m overthinking this. Maybe “Jet” is a song sung to and about an actual jet plane. That would make everything understandable. [eye-roll] (12/15/2010)


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