Presumed Complaints


I saw the new “Sherlock Holmes” movie today. I liked it. I liked it a little more than the previous one, and I enjoyed that one quite a bit. I know there are many Holmes fans who thumb their noses at these movies, but I’m here to say, plainly, those people are idiots.

I’m also, in a very appropriate way, a fellow idiot. I’m not a Holmes super-fan, but I imagine that the same feelings of snobbery these Holmes fans have toward the Guy Ritchie films falls in line with the feelings I have toward recent takes on Batman. The basics being: it’s different than the way I loved him as a kid.

I love my Batman, and I have definite preferences. I like Batman to be a hero, dark but not morose, and for the cape to move cool. I don’t need him to dwell on the murder of his parents 24/7*, nor do I require supreme realism in my cape-wearing detective.

As I’ve noted many times, the Nolan films do not represent my Batman, and for that reason they’ve kept me at arms length. Perhaps the explosions and fast-pace of the Ritchie films create the same affect in Holmes fans, who like their detective how they like him and that’s it. It seems like the negative reviews of the Ritchie movies can’t be stopped from comparing the film against the books and/or other interpretations. And that’s unfair. Sure, that BBC series “Sherlock” is pretty good (especially the third episode), but I don’t think it’s good just because it’s slower paced or more faithful to the books. The BBC series is good because good people are working hard on it, and they made entertaining TV. They still made it fit the times in which the show was created. The recent Sherlock Holmes movies are major Hollywood productions. To ask them to be something they are not is unfair.

By that same turn, I suppose I should stop complaining about the tone of Batman today. Or at least I should stop expecting it to change just for me. Batman and Sherlock Holmes have been around for a long time, and will probably be around much longer. They’ve fought aliens and time traveled and will continue to change. Complaining won’t stop that from happening. And none of it seems to hurt the characters.

*Seriously, if Bruce Wayne spent all that time thinking about his parents’ death, how would he have time to train? Or dress?


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