More Videos I Wrote That Got Made, Are Insane


A lot of qualifiers, but they’re all true!

I’m associated with a few creative outlets, and from time to time, they graciously accept my words and commit them to digital imagery.First up is something I wrote a looooooooooong time ago, and I’m pretty sure it was shot almost as looooooong ago, but just got released. It’s part of YouTube sensation Ceciley’s “How To” series, “How To Check Out The Nuts of a Guy Who Wears a Skirt at Work.”

If it sounds like that script was based on a dare, it was. We were throwing around ideas of ways to make things crazy for this series, and one of the head writers spitballed this title just as an example, then caught himself to say something like, “In fact, if anyone wants to take that, they’ll forever have my love.” I took that challenge in the room, but it must have been taken as a joke, because the next week when we were reading scripts, this same head writer saw my title and laughed, saying, “You did it for real?”

Yes. And they made it for real.

The other video is just as crazy, but I had less to do with the craziness inserted into this production. I had the original idea, but the true insanity came from the director, Cesar Jaime.


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