Living With Lame Temptation


Like so many people, I deal with crippling temptation every day. Whenever I have a free moment, a moment when I should be cleaning the house, preparing a meal or even watching something I haven’t seen, I must actively fight off the temptation to watch something related to “Star Wars,” Batman or the Rolling Stones. Right now, my biggest temptation is falling on “Gimme Shelter.”

I’m considering making it my submission to a movie-watching club I’ve recently joined, and I’m almost afraid that I want to submit it A.) so I can watch it with a new purpose/any purpose and B.) so I can make OTHER PEOPLE witness it’s glory. I’ve even toyed with the notion of giving out complementary copies of “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out” as party favors.

It all sounds nice, but I’m positive that I am doing this for selfish reasons. While I intellectually know that the other members of the movie-watching club would be happy to watch “Gimme Shelter,” and probably welcome free music, I equally know in my gut that there’s a good chance they just won’t care that much, and that will hurt the way any fan gets hurt in such scenarios.

These are the problems I deal with.


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