“It’s a Wonderful Life” Revisited


Like zillions of others, I re-watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” every single year, and every single year I find a few things I didn’t notice. This year’s find: George’s romanticism and its consistency to his character.

Obviously, he’s a romantic. He’s always dreaming big and wants to do things BIG and he’s ultra-emotional. But what suddenly became clear to me on my 2011-Christmas viewing was how that appears in intimate moments, like offering Mary the moon, and how he gets Zuzu to rest by telling her to dream about her flower so it will turn into a garden.

I can’t promise I would have come up with that touch, but they’re perfectly in line with George’s romantic soul. He’s a dreamer and a bit poetic. One could even argue that his pushing coconuts on young Mary in the drugstore is an early element of this dreamer, think-big characteristic.

Another marvelous moment in a truly marvelous movie.


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