Comfort Foods


All I wanna do is be comfortable. It’s making me a lame parent and a poor worker. It is, however, making me an excellent procrastinator.

Nothing gets cleaned in our house quite like it does when I need to write something. Particularly when the “need” to write something is more out of my own necessity to appear productive. If I don’t stay productive, then living in Los Angeles seems like a waste. I can eat M&M’s and wash dishes and clean up a baby anywhere.

Lego Star Wars gives me that brief taste of comfort food now. I can get it at any time from any of my three fixations, but for some reason playing a game based on movies I have memorized feels the least masturbatory, and that’s saying something. I think the real appeal for me comes from the music. Unlike Lego Batman*, Lego Star Wars went all out to get scores from each of the six live-action movies, and the game — and maybe the world — is better for it. Even though I know we’re not going to save Han as Lego Lando and Lego Leia run through Cloud City gunning down Stormtroopers, the music crescendos give me unwarranted hope. And I know every movement of that soundtrack, so it’s comfortable. It’s new and it’s old simultaneously.

*Lego Batman only uses music from the 1989 “Batman” movie, which is weird, considering they had at least 5 movies — 6 if you count the old Adam West movie, which I guess nobody does… even though Lego Adam West Batman would be kind of perfect — to pull from. To stave off repetition-based insanity, I did something my friend Mike considers to be the nerdiest thing in the world: I turned off the music (not the sound effects) on the game, and played the soundtrack to “The Dark Knight” on the stereo. Suddenly the lives of these block people became much more intense than the designers had ever imagined.


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