4 Random Thoughts About “I am the Walrus”


For whatever reason — any is as good as the next — I have been playing the hell out of “I Am the Walrus” lately. Here are some thoughts:

1.) This either the best nonsense song, the greatest dumb song, or both. Or neither. Not a bit of it makes sense, and while I have personally appreciated sonic qualities over lyrics — even when it come to the sonic qualities OF lyrics — this song is damn thin. There are lots of great images, sure, but when you really think about any of it, the song falls apart. To that end…

2.) The production is what really pulls you through the song. Those strings cog in on “Semolina Pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower” are absolutely killer.

3.) While the majority of the Beatles Anthology was kind of a rip off, I remember really loving the demo version of “Walrus.” I’m a sucker for guitars, and that great production I just praised a moment ago hide some cool chugga-chugga. Now I might just think that underlying guitars are cool based on novelty, but I will have to experiment to know for sure.

4.) The truest measure of how great/popular/influential/etc. the Beatles truly were lies in the fact that nobody holds their stupid pun name against them (“We’re like beetles who play music with a beat!”). Had the culture of the 60′s been as snarky wait is in 2010, a band with a name like that would have two strikes against them out of the gate.

Bonus Realization: I had always sung it as “Coo-Coo-Ca-Choo,” but it’s apparently “Goo-Goo-Ga-Joob.” I think my way makes more sense and is easier to say and sounds more like something, than the other way, which sounds like a forced nothing.


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