Which is actually more of a Bat-tunnel.

Upon seeing my excitement of seeing the original Batmobile a while back, a good friend and fellow improviser Matt Keene offered to take me up into the Hollywood Hills to see the original entrance to the Batcave.

Naturally, I agreed.

That's it. Trust me.

A film crew was there shooting an episode of “Criminal Minds,” so we didn’t get to run our hands down the hard, cold siding that had been scorched by the Batmobile’s turbine rocket, but it was still pretty rockin’.

About the Bat-tunnel thing: The Batcave is not really a cave at all, which makes complete sense if you think of things logically, as I do not. Logically speaking, a tunnel would make filming a fast-moving car very easy. But not only did I expect an actual closed off cave leading to an enormous cavern filled with old crime-lab props, but I actually expected the entrance to be closed off.

Just like it is when the Batmobile is NOT driving through it. Like on the show. I don’t think I’m alone with this.

So with this, the Batmobile and a visit to the Warner Brothers’ lot (home of Gotham City Police Headquarters), I have seen all the principle outdoor features of the old Adam West series, save for Stately Wayne Manor.

I gotta find that place.


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