3 MORE Random Ramones Thoughts


I kept having them, even after purging a bunch.  And here they are…

1.) Tolerable Conservatism. A friend of mine recently discovered that Johnny Ramone was a card-carrying, big time Republican, and she was not only surprised by dismayed. And I guess when I found out, I was surprised, but I can let it go. First of all, people are all different and you can’t control everyone. Second of all, even when the Ramones record a far-right message song like “This Ain’t Havana” or even “Commando,” it’s easy to let the message go by without a thought. This is a band that sang equally about “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Nazis and zombies. I already don’t take their lyrics seriously, so why would those be any different?

2.) Ramone-mance. I realized that I owe my Ramones love to my wife. When we first started going out in college, it was her “Mania” CD which served as my gateway drug. And though I’ve carried the torch farther than she might have, I still get a little love twinge when I think of the band.

3.) The Best. The Ramones’ best album is (perhaps) “Rocket To Russia.” It’s the best packaging of that style, finely honed and performed and packaged. “Ramones” is their most important, “Too Tough To Die” is their most expansive and “albumy” album, but “Rocket” is their best. It even has the best album cover. So there.


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