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Henry loves “Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey.” For the amount we spend on Netflix streaming, we could have purchased the DVD of “Curious George 2” twenty-five times. And it feels like if we’d done that, we’d be far from the number of actual viewings even though Henry gets to watch movies in 30 minute […]

I don’t know that I’ve ever loved Nirvana as much as I do at this moment, and I can actually feel it killing my mood. You cannot think about this band for more than one minute without being reminded of suicide. I guess I should be sort of happy, because my post-Nirvana listening mood confirms […]

Reason #560


I thinking of starting a Tumblr blog called “Boo Prequels.” I thought of another reason why the Original Trilogy is superior to the Prequels: the goals of the OT are in sync with basic human goals, whereas the goals of the PT are not. 

Have I never done this? I guess not officially, though I’m sure I’ve always had a comparison list in my head. It’s what I do. A friend put this challenge to me on Facebook, and I quickly jammed out a list, which I’m sure will draw mild controversy. But it shouldn’t, because there’s really only […]

This week, after nearly a year of work and copious notes and re-writes, filming began (and wrapped) on a webseries I wrote for Illumin8 Creative. They sold the series idea to a BLANKY BLANK which I cannot mention in detail, but that’s not the point. The point is that it was a legit shoot, with […]

New Location


Economic times are tough, even on a person who makes no money from his blog. So I downgraded (that looks successful, right?). Instead of hosting my own site (which I don’t need to do), I’m going to the more wallet-friendly .wordpress format. Which is fine. It still works. Assuming it keeps working. So… that’s that. […]

I didn’t mean for this to coincide with the anniversary of Cobain’s suicide. I’ve just been listening and re-listening to the albums for the first time in a while. Nevertheless, here it goes: 1.) “Nevermind” is better than “In Utero,”and the reason for that is simple numbers. I’m one of those people who actually rate […]